Dilwale Movie Review and Box Office Report

Nor do his supporters, for that matter. Dilwale, obviously, is distinct. Apart from everything normal that an Rohit Shetty movie does, Dilwale has Kajol. Touted as the performer’s huge comeback, the yield of the iconic SRK-Kajol jodi on screen, the movie has kept people waiting with bated breath since it was declared.

For starters, that ‘mark’ is not quite high, to begin with. One cannot anticipate a mindblowing, Start-esque script from Shetty, but this is no dampener. The director, together with the dependable arms-outstretched model of Shah Rukh Khan, provides the regular menu in Dilwale to the crowd. With flying cars (not Scorpios, happily), the women as well as the laughs, the film scores high on the predictable-though-satisfying variable.

As far as playing is concerned, Shah Rukh does a good job of being Shah Rukh. The eyes water when they want to, the arms go open when they have to. He romances Kajol like Raj did Simran in that once upon a time DDLJ, and quite frankly, a lot of folks would not need more from the movie.
Kajol’s powerful Meera is a joy to observe, albeit something being amiss. Varun does slapstick curse nicely, but his tears do not quite make anyone shout – neither does anyone else’s rips in this movie realize that, for that matter. Kriti slips into her character readily but the narrative does not supply much scope for her. This is a Shah Rukh-Kajol movie, through and through. One of the supporting cast, Pankaj Tripathi and Mukesh Tiwari have some great one liners up their sleeve.

There’s not much to speak about the storyline here. Shetty lifts up a done-to-departure story and adds his touch to it. The supporting characters are predictable, the narrative is, and you’ll be able to imagine the climax in the event that you are fast asleep. However, the trick with Shetty and Shah Rukh is they amuse, regardless of what. And as pivots with SRK and Kajol here, the old wine continues to be bloody heady.

Scenes and the cinematography of Bulgaria are breathless. Goa has been gained nicely. Pritam’s music is humm- great and capable on the ears. Janam Janam and Gerua are the tunes that stay on in the mind once you are done with Dilwale.

Dilwale is hugely satisfying despite an oh my god-this-is-so-predictable storyline. Keep your brains out of the image, and you’ve got an out and out entertainer. Go indulge!

Dawood Ibrahim’s Property to be Auctioned off in Mumbai

Dawood Ibrahim, one of the most infamous Gangsters of this century is living a lavish life in Pakistan at this moment. He fled from his birth country India to avoid his arrest. Dawood has properties worth millions. Today some of his properties will be auctioned. But this is not the first time when Dawood owned properties are going under the hammer. It happened earlier too, but people who won the bids are yet to get possession of those properties.  So a lot of people who were interested in buying the places first are staying away this time.

Dawood has all total seven properties in Mumbai. All are in posh areas. Three of them are in Mumbai and other four are in outskirts of the city. A lot of retired journalists and lawyers have shown interests in purchasing these properties. However from the past experiences many of them already know that there is a chance of not getting the possessions of these places ever. Dawood’s sister Haseena is one of the persons who always creates last minute trouble. The authorities are auctioning these places under the Smugglers law.